What is the best way to contact your team?

Email is always the best way to reach any person on our team. 

All of our team members' emails are simply their first name followed by our domain:
(i.e. someone named John Smith would have john@strategicfinancialreporting.com).

You can also contact us by calling or texting our office line: (805) 306-1325

Group Account Emails: 

These are managed by multiple team members who will guarantee that your message is sent to the right person.
General questions. Email our admin account when you are not sure who to reach out to directly. Our team will make sure your communication is forwarded to the right person or group.
Questions relating to invoices & billing from SFR. 
Questions from new clients in the process of onboarding with SFR. Also email this account if you would like to refer a new client to our services.
Questions and communication relating to your tax situation, or annual tax preparation.

Individual Emails: 

These are managed by an individual person who will either reply to you directly, or forward your message to a group account to guarantee it reaches it's intended recipient.
Your assigned bookkeeper/accountant
Questions relating directly to your monthly services.

Each one of our team members has their own email. You should reach out directly to a team member when you are aware of precisely who can support your questions.
Questions regarding your current engagement hours, or any communication relating to the team member assigned to your account. 

Jana is our accounting team manager. She is in charge of making sure that each client is matched up to the perfect bookkeeper or accountant, and that each client's engagement hours are sufficient to complete all required work.
We recommend only reaching out to Charity after you have already attempted to email one of our other team members or accounts first. 
Remember that if you have a monthly engagement, the team member assigned to your account will be the person most familiar with your situation, and they are likely your best point of contact! 

Charity does not support monthly bookkeeping engagements, the active onboarding process for clients (except for new client meetings), or billing actions. While she does support tax preparation, we have a full team that also supports tax preparation and the tax account email is a much better point of contact.

Our CEO & Owner is happy to support you when she can, but due to the size of our company and number of clients, it's just not possible.