How to Make a Negroni Cocktail

Famed Ft. Laurel mixologist Mike Gollner’s “special tincture” (non-traditional) is proportioned as described in the steps below

Special Considerations (in general)

  • Keep gin in freezer; Campari and Martini Rosso in fridge
  • Cold ingredients help avoid dilution from melting ice
  • Using large, clear ice cubes as that enables the delectable flavours from the ingredients to fully manifest themselves
  1. 1

    15 % Campari

  2. 2

    50% Gin

    Monkey 47 is the best
  3. 3

    35% Martini Rosso

  4. 4

    Toast the mixologist

    Here is famed Ft. Laurel land baron Mike Gollner pointing to one of the rare “Negroni hot spots” that he has discovered in his peripatetic wanderings
  5. 5

    Play this song as you enjoy the Negroni

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