How to Add New Contacts to Trialworks

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If we do not add new contacts to the CONTACTS tab in Trialworks, we will spend a lot of time uselessly searching for the contacts’ phone number and address. This is an extremely unproductive use of time that can be avoided by simply adding new contacts into the CONTACTS tab in Trialworks.

You can link an existing contact to a case directly on the CONTACTS tab. Instructions for adding new contacts to Trialworks are set forth in this link.

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    Add Contact

    On the button bar use the ADD a Contact (YELOW PLUS BUTTON) to enter a new contact not already found in Trialworks.

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    Insert "Existing Contact"

    Use “Insert Existing Contact” to choose from your global address book. This option allows you to link an existing contact into your current case.
    Linking an existing contact will allow you to update a phone number or street address to any case and have it update the contact in all cases.
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    Duplicate Entry

    When you have contact information that is the same for multiple people (e.g., husband, wife and child living at the same address), instead of retyping the field, simply use the “Duplicate Entry” feature, which will copy the common data from the first record and allow you to create a new record entry for the next person.
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    Search for a Contact

    You can conduct a simple search for a contact by clicking on the Contact Search button on your Home Ribbon.
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