Billing Terminology

Acceptable Phrases to Be Used in Billing

These are the acceptable ways of billing matters for our clients. These phrases must be used to create consistency in our bills, which ensures that clients are more confident that the billing process is being handled properly.
"Receive and review XXXX" 
  • (when receiving letters, documents or other correspondence)
"Prepare correspondence to XXXX regarding XXXX 
  • (when writing letters or emails)
"Receive and review and prepares correspondences from XXXX and to XXXX
  • (when responding to letters or emails)
"Prepare XXXX 
  • (when preparing the initial draft of pleadings)
"Prepare XXXX/Revise XXXX 
  • (when drafting pleadings after first entry):
"Revise XXXX
  • (when revising pleadings immediately before filing)
"Teleconference with XXXX regarding XXXX
  • (when having a telephone call with anyone)
"Conference with XXXX regarding XXXX 
  • (when meeting in-person with someone)
"Virtual Conference with XXXX regarding XXXX 
  • (when meeting online with someone)
"Left voicemail for XXXX regarding XXXX 
  • (note: we don’t bill for voicemails, so record them and bill 0.0)
"Prepare and file XXXX 
  • (when filing a pleading)
"Research XXXX (describe the legal issue) for XXXX 
  • (describe pleading you’re researching for)
"Review and strategize regarding case status and issues 
  • (to record time spent discussing case status during regular meetings)
"Strategize regarding XXXX (explain issued discussed
  • Time spent discussing and strategizing the case
"Travel to and from hearing/mediation/trial/etc. 
  • (time spent traveling)
"Receive, record, file, (calendar) and prepare correspondence to XXXX (Client) regarding XXXX (title of pleading)"
  • (for paralegal’s billing for receipt & handling of a pleading)
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