Position Contract

Position Contract


[FIRST_NAME], we’re very excited to begin working with you!  

Why Your Position Contract Exists

In order to give you guidance and help you succeed, we prepared this “Position Contract” to describe the basic duties and tasks you will have as our “TITLE of POSITION”.  Your [DIRECT SUPERVISOR] will always be available to answer your questions.

More than anything, your Position Contract is your roadmap for success. We want you to know exactly what it will take to succeed with our law firm, as well as the high expectations that we set for you. We suggest that you read the Position Contact as often as you can.

Ultimately, our goal is that you move on to bigger and better things that our law firm.  And we are here to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. Strive to continue your personal development every day—attend seminars and workshops, go to a personal trainer and nutritionist, start jogging, etc.  Let us know what we can do to help you get to the next step in your career, even if that means leaving our law firm.

We will give you a book called “The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary” This book illustrates the “WOW” client service that we expect from you.  We strongly recommend that you read the book and re-read it from time to time as a reminder of our commitment to a “WOW” service.


Our Weekly Goal Meeting

We meet every [DAY of WEEK] at ___ a.m. for our WEEKLY GOAL MEETING. At the WEEKLY GOAL MEETING (i.e, you should be prepared to do two things: 

  • Your POSITIVE FOCUS: Tell us something in your life—personal or professional--that you are grateful for (your “positive focus”).  When you start each day from a positive frame of mind, better things will tend to happen; and 
  •  Your TOP 5 GOALS: Tell us your Top 5 goals for the week and your #1most important goal for the week.

The TOP 5 GOALS sets the agenda for your workweek, i.e., what you want to accomplish.  We suggest that you make your TOP 5 GOALS for the Week realistic, but not too easy—you want to stretch and accomplish more than you expect.

On the following Monday’s WEEKLY GOAL MEETING, we will review the prior week’s goals and give you a score for each of the five goals ranging from 1 (nothing done) to 5 (goal was achieved).  Scores in the range from 2, 3 and 4 indicates that you completed part of the goal.  A top score for the week is 25.

In addition to your TOP 5 GOALS, you may have other goals that you’d like to accomplish—we call this our “Should-Do” List. You will receive 3 points for each goal that you accomplish from your “Should-Do” List.

Our Daily Meeting

At ______ a.m. every workday, we meet to discuss your TOP 3 GOALS for the day.  Similar to the WEEKLY GOALS MEETING, come ready with a POSITIVE FOCUS and the TOP 3 GOALS that you want to accomplish for the day.

At our DAILY MEETING, there will be time for you to raise any questions or problems that you’re having, i.e., defense counsel refuse to cooperate in scheduling depositions (a common problem).  Your DIRECT SUPERVISOR and I will help answer your question and point you in the right direction.

Arrive on time for the DAILY MEETING no later than ____ a.m.—we do not want to have to get you.  Don’t hesitate to speak up if there is a process or system in our office that we can do better. You will likely have insights that we never thought of. 

How to Succeed at Our Law Firm

Your job is to provide our clients and referral partners with an amazing, “WOW!!!” experience that they’ve never had at any other law firm.  We want our clients to love you and tell us how wonderful you are.  Be proactive and take the initiative to call our clients and referral partners.

My best advice for you: make yourself indispensable. Give 10X more value than you receive.  Think of ways to reduce our costs or increase our revenues.  Always look for new cases to bring to our firm.

Make a decision, be proactive and don’t ask for permission. I am giving you permission to make mistakes. As long as you work hard and are completely committed to our clients, mistakes are acceptable.

No gossip or drama.  We are brutally honest with each other and expect the same from you.

If a specific task or goal isn’t done by 5 p.m., it’s okay to stay until the job is done (we don’t mind).

Our Core Values

Our CORE VALUES are ____________. You should become intimately familiar with our 5 Core Values:

#1:    We strive for continuous improvement.

#2:    We ____________________________.

#3:    We ____________________________.

#4:    We ____________________________.

#5:    We ____________________________.

At our DAILY MEETING, I may ask you to tell us how you’ve implemented one of our firm’s core values.  CORE VALUES mean nothing unless they are discussed and continually reinforced—we want you to show us how you have implemented our CORE VALUES.


Our CORE FOCUS that governs every decision that we make is, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. 

Raises, Promotions and Probation

You will never be given a raise because of how long you work here.  If you want a raise or bonus, earn it! Don’t just do your job—we already pay you fairly to do that. Produce more than we pay you to do, exceed our expectations and work to “WOW” our clients and referral partners.  The responsibility to earn more money is on you.

The first _____ months will be a probationary period.  In _____ months, we hope you will be doing more for our law firm than just the job we hired you to do.


You will have three major responsibilities:

Responsibility #1______________________________________________

Responsibility #2:    __________________________________________

Responsibility #3:    ____________________________________________

In this POSITION CONTRACT, we’ve set forth your responsibilities in detail so you have a clear understanding of what we expect from you.  Our OFFICE MANUAL (“_____INFORMAL NAME______”) that is attached to this POSITION CONTRACT provides a complete set of our law firm’s policies and procedures.  You should keep Our OFFICE MANUAL by your desk and refer to it whenever you are not sure what to do.

If you still have a question, we’re here to help. Contact us.