How to update AEJuice Pack Manager Plugin

  1. 2

    Close the After effects and Premiere Pro

  2. 3

    Run the installer and install the plugin

    If you are working in Premiere Pro, please make sure it is updated to Pr Pro 2021.
    After that install Pack Manager 4 for Pr Pro

  3. 4

    Done!) You can open the updated plugin

    After effects: Window tab -> Pack Manager 4
    Premiere Pro: Window tab -> extensions -> Pack Manager 4
  4. 5

    If you are experiencing any problems with the new plugin after the installation

    Please, delete Pack Manager 3 (If it is still installed on your computer)

    Here is how to delete AEJuice packs:
    Option 1. Right-click on the pack inside the Pack Manager - Delete
    Option 2. Remove the AEJuice folder from the My Documents folder:
    Windows: C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\AEJuice
    macOS: ~/Documents/AEJuice

    After effects 
    1. Close After Effects
    2. From the "Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2019/Plug-ins/ " folder, remove "AEJuicePackManager"

    1. Close After Effects
    2. From the "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2019\Support Files\Plug-ins " folder, remove "AEJuicePackManager"

    Premiere Pro
    1. Close Premiere Pro.
    2. From the "Users/<userName>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/" folder, remove "AEJuicePackManager"

    1. Close Premiere Pro.
    2. From the "C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CEP\extensions\" folder, remove "AEJuicePackManager" 
  5. 6

    Contact us if you still have problems with AEJuice Pack Manager 4