Footages to Comps

Footages to Comps script allows you to batch add photos or videos to the selected compositions. 
  1. 1

    Select compositions or layers

    Select compositions in the project panel

    or select layers 

    The script will clarify in case you accidentally select both.
  2. 2

    Select options

    By default, the footage will be resized to fit the composition. The resize does not stretch the image so it's not distorted. It scales it proportionately to fill the composition. If you'd like to keep the original scale, turn off the resize checkbox.
    By default, the script uses the footage order from the folder. You can shuffle it by turning on the shuffle checkbox.
  3. 3

    Click on the Footages to Comps button

    Open a script Windows - AEJuice Footages to Comps.jsxbin
    Click on the Footages to Comps button.

  4. 4

    Select photos or videos

    Hold Shift or Ctrl to select multiple files.
    Tip: If you select more files than the selected compositions then extra files will not be pasted. If you select fewer files than the selected compositions then you'll have empty compositions.
    Tip #2: Turn on the Shuffle checkbox to randomize the order of selected footage. Each time you'll get a unique different order.

  5. 5

    You're all set

    The photos and videos will be auto-resized automatically.