What's new in Pack Manager 4

This article explains how Pack Manager 4 is different from Pack Manager 3.
  1. 1


    Now you can edit text, images, colors, and other controls without leaving the plugin. You can export the edited footage to the video right from the plugin.
  2. 2

    9 languages support

    Now the plugin is translated into 9 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, German, French, Russian. Go to Account - Settings to change the language.
  3. 3

    Change default storage folder

    Now you can change the default storage folder of all packages. 
  4. 4

    Organize boxes and tabs

    You can drag n drop packages to organize them. You can do the same with tabs. 
  5. 5

    Animate button in all packs

    The animate button now works in all packs. It applies your favorite animations if you have any or applies random animation from the package.
  6. 6

    Automatically download fonts

    The plugin automatically downloads fonts at import. It only applies to Google fonts due to the license but we try to use Google fonts as much as possible.
  7. 7


    The plugin updates automatically to fix any problems you might experience.
  8. 8

    Import footages to the project's folder

    The plugin automatically imports all used footage to the project's folder. It prevents missing files error if you move the project.
  9. 9


    We've added a lot of hotkeys and you can edit most of them.
  10. 10

    Suggest feature

    We've added a suggested feature to streamline all feedback.
  11. 11

    Import options

    We've added a lot of import options like import and replace, import to a new composition.
  12. 12

    New tools

    We've added a lot of helpful tools to the tools bar: freeze frame, duplicate composition, loop, increase composition's duration.