Windows 21.08.0011
- fixed issue with 2 monitors
- fixes control issues with a default value
- fixed issue with debug mode at the first start
- fixed network error in some cases
- fixed download issue with Starter Pack
- fixed crash at After Effects launch
- fixed framerate bug
- added duplicate layer button, it duplicates all nested compositions and updates expressions to create an independent copy
- added collapse transformation global setting
- added loop animation button, it loops compositions, layers, paths, and videos
- added freeze frame button, it allows to freeze-frame to speed the working process
- added responsive design-time support to a few of the packages

Windows - 21.09.0009
- new export MP4 plugin
- removed PM3 installation for Premiere Pro
- made it possible to reset the storage path to default

Windows - 21.09.0103
- new paid  My Pack
- fixed Premiere Pro crashes with the Sound pack