Understanding our "Tax Return Pickup" by mail process for Individual Returns

Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, we have moved our tax return pickup process from an in person pick up for most returns now to a "we'll mail the returns to you" approach and include a set of instructions for you to follow detailed below.  As with anything if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  In most cases, we can not "file" your returns electronically until we receive forms back to us.  This will be discussed again below.
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    Here is a copy of the Individual Return instructions:

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    Let's Review the Top Section

    The top section communicates to you which forms we need signed and mailed back to us in the postage paid envelope provided.  NOTE: Scanned signatures are acceptable so if you prefer to sign and scan and email all of these back to us feel free to do so. 

    In the above section, there will be a checkmark next to any document that we need you to sign and return back to us.  Most clients will have at least one if not all 3 to sign. Keep in mind that as indicated the 8879 form (which allows us to efile your return) is required.
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    Next, Let's review what you still need to do:

    Below are 3 sections:  Federal, State and Local

    We will indicate (via checkmark) the specifics of what remains for you to do.  

    The first 2 lines of the federal and state sections indicate whether your return(s) will be efiled or filed manually by you.  If it is to be filed manually, then we will have prepared the envelope needed to mail and also indicated where signatures are required prior to mailing.

    The next line (for federal and state sections) indicates whether you have a refund and if so how you will receive it or if you are carrying it forward to next year.

    The next line (for federal and state sections) indicates if you have a payment due with some instructions on who to make check payable to.  There should also be a respective voucher form and envelope inside your white tax folder to mail your check with.  NOTE: Do not mail these payments back to us.  They need to be mailed to the respective taxing agency.

    The local returns (if applicable) will also be accompanied by respective envelopes in our white folder.

    The final section at the bottom includes our fee and that can be mailed back with the other forms from the top section.

If you still have a question, we’re here to help. Contact us.