Employee Purchases Policy

Employees may purchase products manufactured by Northwest Custom Apparel.

Cost of Items:
5% over the cost from the vendor:
i.e. tee shirt costs $1.00 from Sanmar: Employee pays $1.05

* all incoming freight charges from vendor must be paid by the employee*
* sales tax must be paid
* No returning items to the vendor because it doesn't fit or you don't like it. We have samples for you to try on here.
* Limit your styles of garments to under 6 styles and colors. Laundry list of garments are time consuming and confusing.
* payment must be paid at time of the purchase. We will make a payroll deduction for all items not paid before the next pay day.

Employee purchase dates: 
  • First week in December
  • First week in June
  • First week in August (back to school)

Each Employee must have an account setup in Shopworks
  • Do not order employee purchases under the NW Custom Apparel Account. 
  • Make an account for each employee. This makes it easier to track and collect money.