Steve DTG Samples for customers

This is a preliminary process on sampling DTG shirts. This process will change as we refine things. Erik will work with Steve and the DTG department to smooth this process. 

To increase DTG sales, we need to use Steve's talents to sample customers.  

  • Take an embroidery customer and print their logo on a shirt.
  • Themed shirts with the customer's logo. i.e. creating a Hawk design and placing their logo on the shirt.
  • Spec samples for schools, fire departments, events etc. 
  • Think outside of the box when sampling shirts. 
  1. 1

    Setup a design number in Shopworks and link to a customer

    • All designs must have a Shopworks design #
    • The design # should be linked to a customer.
    • If it is a spec artwork with no customer, please link it to the Northwest Custom Apparel account #10501
    • Final artwork must have a design thumbnail
    • Steve to marked Produced in the design section of shopworks
    • Steve to record his time in the Shopworks production section.
  2. 2

    Print Sample DTG Shirt

    • Steve has a box of sample t-shirts. Give the shirt to the DTG operator to sample. If Steve needs another color shirt please let Judy or Erik know. We can order on our sample #44 Sanmar account.
    • Place sample in a NW Custom Apparel small box or a Pizza Box if we are doing that promo.
  3. 3

    Delivery of shirt: Ship or Deliver

    • Determine how we will send the shirt
      • ship it USPS
      • customer to pickup
      • sales rep to deliver
  4. 4

    Keeping Track of the Sample Shirts

    • We will need to write a SAMPLE order in shopworks
    • We will have hundreds of samples going out and we need to track them.
    • When the customer is ready to order, we will have a record of what shirt we sent him.
    • Steve can pop a quick order into Shopworks
    • Make this as simple as possible.