Customer Service Expectations "Sunshine Law"

  • Answer all questions and respond to the customer’s questions as quickly as possible. Even if more research is needed, you are expected to follow up and let the customer know that you are still working on the problem. The “Sunshine Law” is in effect, which states that all customers will be responded to before the sunset, if not sooner.
  • It is the CSR’s responsibility to ensure other departments have everything they need to do the job correctly, accurately and as quickly as possible. If anyone ever comes up front and asks “Hey, what’s this mean?”, it means that order instructions were not clear enough.
  • CSR’s are 100% responsible for managing all aspects of their orders in the system, from start to finish. If an order is delayed for any reason, the expectation is that they will move the ship date out to an appropriate date.
  • CSR’s “own” their orders, and if any problems arise they should resolve them promptly.