Poor Customer Relationships by Rep Disciplinary Process

POOR Customer Relations Example

i.e. Email from a customer to Erik
Hey Erik, a month or so back I called and asked for Tracey and I was told that she no longer works there. I said “O.K., what kind of specials do you have on hats”. She replied with “look on our website” and I politely said “O.K.” i didn’t catch her name and I should have asked. I thought you should know.
Also I want to order some hats but have someone with a set of customer service skills contact me via phone. Thanks Ron
  1. 1

    Verbal Warning

    1. Discuss the situation with your supervisor.
    2. Supervisor to help the employee with overcoming the issue
  2. 2

    Written Warning

    1. Written warning by supervisor and Operations Manager.
  3. 3


    You will no longer be employed. Non-Compete Agreement will be in effect. You can not work with a competitor and bring confidential information you received while employed at NW Custom Apparel