Providing Good Artwork

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    Importance of Good Artwork

    One of the most important factors in producing great looking embroidery, screen printing or printed apparel is having good quality artwork for us to initially work from.  Clean artwork will save time and money on your order, since extra charges for redrawing it will be reduced or eliminated.
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    Vector and File Types

    Vector images are the BEST and can be resized infinitely and their clarity will remain the same.
    The two major pieces of software used to create vector artwork are Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. File names usually consist of extensions such as .EPS, .AI, or .CDR
    Keep in mind that vector designs are always created manually by a designer or automatically with a specialized tracing program. A bitmap image imported into a vector art program such as Adobe Illustrator does not immediately reclassify it as a vector file. Vector art is the easiest for us to work with and almost always will produce the best looking finished results.
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    Email PDF Flyer to Customer

    • Attached Art Flyer is perfect to send to your customer that has questions on art files