Selling Direct to Garment Tips

Selling Direct to Garment
Advantages of DTG
  • No limit on colors
  • Inks are water base and ECO friendly
  • No carcinogenic compounds in ink
  • No charge for set up on re-orders
  • Finished garment has a very soft hand
  • Small orders with multi color design
  • Meets all Oeko Tex Standard 100 for youth clothes
Advantage of Screen Printing
  • Large volume orders are more cost effective
  • Can print on almost any substrate especially polyester
  • Colors are more vibrant
  • Ink is less expensive
After sharing the advantage of DTG with the customer we can proceed to the process of managing an order.
Complete the order form for product and costs.
Collect all are work  A 8 color design will require 8 screens and one screen for applying the white ink on a dark garment.
  1. Art separation is the first item to get done
  2. Prepare the films for each color
  3. Burn the screens
  4. Wash out the screens
  5. Dry screens and block out the design
  6. Align the screens for registration
  7. Print a sample or press check
  8. Print tees
  9. Clean up the screens
  10. Breakdown the carousel and set up for next order
Now let’s examine the DTG process.
  1. Create art on the computer
  2. Save art as a PNG file
  3. Upload to RIP software
  4. Transfer design to printer and print
  5. Cure design and it’s done.
Collecting art for a DTG order
  1. The art should be clean and above 300 dpi in resolution.
  2. We prefer Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Photoshop.
  3. Photographs are questionable and should be reviewed with our staff artist.