Checklist: Shipping Procedure

"best way" is not a ship method.
The CSR must have the correct ship method when they write the order.
  1. 1

    Go to Shipping Area

    • All orders will go to the shipping area. Embroidery, DTG and Screen print.
    • Determine if it is Customer Pickup or Shipping
    • Review the Ship Dates    
      • Rushes-Events
      • Past Dues
        • replacements
        • back orders
      • Web Orders
      • Normal scheduled orders 
  2. 2

    If no Ship Method

    There are times that a customer will not give the CSR a shipping method. What do we do when it is in the shipping area with NO shipping method.
    1. Check in shopworks to see if the address has been updated
    2. Contact CSR that wrote the order. 
    3. If rep isn't available contact the customer. 
  3. 3

    Changed shipping from CPU to Shipping

    • Let the customer know the freight amount.
    • Add shipping amount to the invoice. 
  4. 4

    Customer Pick UP

    • Move the box to the customer pick up shelf
    • Boxes are alphabetical order by customer name
    • Mark order shipped in Shopworks
      • Make a note on the front page of the order.
        • The notes says Date Stamped:  In Customer Pick up
    • Must Sign Out in Book when customer picks up.
      • Put note in shopworks front page that the customer picked up.
      • Get Payment if COD. Run Credit card or get a check.

    If terms are blank or incomplete
    • Ask how they want to pay for it.
    • If they say they paid online. Give them the box and make a note on the front page of Shopworks
  5. 5

    Shipping Order: UPS- Fed Ex, USPS

    • Get the box from the shipping area
    • Determine shipping carrier    
      • UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, Barge, Courier
      • PO Boxes: Ship USPS (you can't ship to PO boxes via Fed Ex or UPS)
        • We add $4.50 per box for handling fees. Remember to add it to USPS.
      • We can ship on the customer's shipping accounts. Make sure their account is not closed. We are liable for the freight.
    • Determine Payment Method for our Invoice
      • We can't ship boxes COD if we don't have payment.
    • Add shipping amount to the invoice
      • Include freight amount and handling fees $4.50 per box
      • Fed Ex and UPS automatically adds it to the freight cost. USPS ( you need to manually add the $4.50 per box
      • Make sure you have the customer's email address added, so the carrier will email the tracking numbers.
    • Mark Shipped in Shopworks

  6. 6

    Put Box in Ship Area

    Put the box in the designated ship area so the carrier can pick up.
    • Fed Ex arrives 
      • Priority Delivery (next day, 2nd day). You need to call Fed Ex to pick up. They use a different truck for priority. 
    • UPS
    • USPS
  7. 7

    Turn Paperwork to Billing

    • Verify the shipping amounts and handling fees
    • Turn work order into billing