Samples Returning to Sanmar

  1. 1

    Enter the order type: Sample Return to Vendor

  2. 2

    Charge the 6-piece embroidery price.

    1. Send MEMO bill to the customer.  This makes it clear that they will be charged if not returned.
  3. 3

    Customer can keep the sample for 1 week

    1. We have 30 days to return the sample to Sanmar
  4. 4

    Drop Shipping Samples to Customer

    1. The customer MUST send the samples back to us. They pay the freight.
    2. Samples need to be shipped back within a week or they pay for them.
  5. 5

    Returning Samples to Sanmar

    1. Return the entire sample order.
      1. Do NOT pull pieces to add to the order.
    2. Must get an RA# (Tamara can do that)