Organize Showroom

  1. 1

    Put Samples Back on Rack

    • Samples should not be in sales reps offices
    • They need to be hung on racks in the showroom.
    • Go into ALL offices and find samples and hang up or toss out.
    • If not needed toss in box for donations
  2. 2


    • Catalogs to be filled at front counter
    • The catalogs on the back room shelves to be organized
      • toss old catalogs
    • Order new catalogs if necessary
    • Literature and forms to be stocked at the front counter
      • flyers
      • order forms
      • promo products for giveaways.
  3. 3

    Clean Up Sample Dumping grounds

    • Samples end up in odd places
      • Factory
      • Offices
      • Office by the DTG printer
      • The door area by Jim's entrance
      • The office closet where the sign computer is.
  4. 4