Prepaid Orders with Shipping Freight

When a customer prepays an order, we need to estimate the freight to the customer. It can be tricky since we really don't know what we are shipping.
Some suggestions in calculating the freight
  • When order is shipped from Sanmar you will know the box count and the weight. If possible we can get the freight amounts from there.
  • Ask the shipping clerk how many boxes they think will be used in this order.
  • Tell the customer we will add the freight to the invoice after shipping.
  1. 1

    Tell customer we will be adding freight when shipped

    • The easiest is we tell the customer that there will be an additional freight charge after shipping.
    • If we tell the customer upfront there should be no issues.
  2. 2

    Estimate the freight if we want to get paid in full

    • Estimate the freight to ship.
    • Add 20% to the freight cost for some Wiggle room.

  3. 3

    If the actual freight cost at shipment is over $20.00 than the estimated freight.

    • Shipping clerk to notify sales rep and bookkeeper.
    • We will need to bill for the additional freight charges.