Covideo "Video To Customers"

Website “Jot Form” Leads
We have a Contact Us form on our site. The form is emailed to Erik and the specified sales rep that is handling the Jot Form leads. The customer info is automatically uploaded to the LEADS in
What do we do with the lead?
  • Sales rep to contact the lead via TELEPHONE by the end of the business day. Sales rep to record the conversation in the lead section. Create a Task called phone call.
  • After the sales call the rep will send a thank you email and follow-up with any pertinent info that the leads needs. i.e. pricing, shirt style, etc.
  • 2-3 days after the initial phone call. We will create a Covideo introducing our company and the sales rep.  Possible ideas
    1. Erik and the sales rep creating a welcome video. We need to put a face to the email.
    2. Showing the factory in the background is a powerful tool.
    3. Use the wipe board to write their name on it, so the video thumbnail shows up in their email.
    4. Find their profile in Linkedin and connect with them.
  • After we send the video we will check the email stats. We can see when the lead opened the video.
  • The sales rep then follows up again. The sooner you get back to the lead after they open the video the better. The lead will now know who you are.
Reviewing the leads
  • Erik and the sales rep will have weekly one-on-one meetings to discuss the lead follow-ups