Contract Order Writing Pre-2013

Writing Contract orders: 2013
Author: Jim

The objective is to gather all the necessary information from the customer and forward to the factory so we can embroider the customer’s goods and complete the order correctly and in a timely manner.
First item to address is can we do the order. Some orders can’t be done and we have to alert the customer immediately. They rely on our expertise.
Some important items to be aware of are
  • Embroidery placement
  • Do we have the thread in stock
  • How difficult is the design
  • How many different color ways in design
  • Where do we ship finished order
Where is the order coming from
  • Drop ship from san mar
  • Drop ship from customer’s supplier
  • Customer dropping off
  • We have to coordinate with Jason on what is coming in.
  • Is this a split shipment (different vendors same order)
Next  is the customer’s information complete.
A written purchase order to understand what the customer wants
  • Good clean art work that will work for embroidery
  • Correct selection of thread colors. Do not offer to choose colors because you will make a mistake and we will be replacing customer goods.
  • Correct quantities.
  • Do we have to count and separate by colors. This will be an additional charge. Our charges are  
  • Delivery date must be determined. If this is a rush the order must be definitely signed off before starting.
  • Determine where we are shipping (customer or customer’s customer)
Check and verify credit. Make sure we have a credit card in the system before starting order.
Working with the factory
Assemble the design order
  • Art work
  • Run sequence
  • Completed sample
Enter all the purchase order data into shopworks.
  • Quantities
  • Due date
  • Run information
  • Pricing and credit information
  • Purchase order number
Shipments will be coming in and it is important to give Jason a heads up so he can be on top of the order and make sure it gets to Mongkon or Ruth.
Providing customer quotes. Some of the items which are important to know are
  • Pricing based on stitch count and quantity
  • Design placement, some designs are impossible to embroider
  • Type of garments and will they work with embroidery
  • Heavy jackets (Carhart especially)l
  • Bags which will not allow us to hoop
How do we handle new art work
  • Send art to Eva in China
  • Coordinate with Ruth to get sample run
All quotes have to be in writing
  • Cost (embroidery and set up)
  • Delivery dates
Customer supplied programs
  • We cannot guarantee the quality when a customer provides their own programs. Generally they do this to save money.
  • We charge a disk editing fee of $25.00 to transfer their information to our computers.
  • We have our own digitizing service who programs our designs
  • We do offer one sample stitch out with each order.
  • Customer has to be aware that they will be charged for sample changes. We are trying to get away from offering a second free stitch out and thread or design changes when a customer is unsure what they want.
  • We will offer design services at $55.00 per hour.
  • We will stitch one free sample on a garment provided by the customer.
Defects to customer garments
  • If the item is from San Mar it will be 100% replaceable
  • Other suppliers it will be at the 2% defect rate.
  • We are not responsible for identifying defects in customer garments.
  • We are not responsible for identifying colors and sizes. We will do our best but do not offer this as a standard service.
Who do we give order to once everything has been written up.
Tools to do the job
Microsoft word
Microsoft excel
Operate a scanner
Corel draw and photo paint
Fax machine