Printing Personal Design Policy

DTG Operators
Printing Personal Design Policy
  • You must have a work order.
    1. The customer will be your name
    2. Nika will enter the order
    3. Please allow 2-3 days for Nika to enter the order because she is busy.
    4. Don’t expect to order the shirt today and print tomorrow. Plan ahead
  • When you can print the design
    1. Lunchtime, breaks or when you are clocked out
    2. Please let Nika know when you start printing.
  • Ripping the Design Files
    1. You must create your own artwork. Steve will not create your artwork.
    2. Steve will rip your files when he is not busy working on customer’s artwork.
  • Purchasing garments
    1. We can purchase your garments using our sample account with Sanmar, so you won’t be charged.
    2. Please remember that customer’s orders come first.
    3. Please allow 3-4 days to get your shirt in from Sanmar.
  • 1 Shirt per month
    1. You can get 1 shirt printed per month with a new design.
    2. Extra shirts you will be charged our cost.
    3. You can carry over your monthly shirt allowance to other months.

Printing shirts with not asking
            Grounds for immediate termination. 99.99% we will give you the shirt.