Erik Vacation Employee Assignments

Our processes and procedures should keep everything moving smoothly when Erik is away. Here is a little more detail and responsibilities when Erik is away. 
  1. 1

    Contacting Erik while in Thailand

    Thailand is roughly 15 hours ahead of us.
    When Erik is available to call

    8:00 AM (Milton) 11 PM in Thailand
    5:00 PM (Milton) 8:00 AM Thailand

    Cell Phone: 253-229-9214 (not sure if I will have it on)
    Slack: Erik will check his slack messages on his phone.
    you can email erik: or gmail:
  2. 2

    Emergency Vendor Link

    Here is a link to our emergency vendors Emergency Vendor Contacts
  3. 3

    Taylar is in charge of the office

    Everything should flow smoothly. Taylar can answer questions and make decisions.
    • Attendance (sick, coming in late, appointments) Call Taylar: 253-732-2712
    • Questions, just ask Taylar to help you.

    Production Meeting (Wednesdays) 
    Taylar is in charge: (hand write your goals to discuss in meeting):
    Link to sales meeting agenda: Sales Meeting Agenda

    Discounts, Upset Customers etc: Taylar will make the decision

    Opening and locking up building is Taylar 
  4. 4

    Production Meeting (Tuesday) like normal

    Ruth will run production meeting like normal.
    Delete Orders: Jim has access to delete orders. 
  5. 5


    • Fixes timecards. Missed punches
    • Computer Issues
    • Anything else that is major that Jim can't figure out. 
    • Attend Tom Rauen meetings with Jim
    Tuesday Feb 11 - 11 am
    Tuesday Feb 18 - 11 am
    Wednesday Feb 26 - 11 am

    Tom's Cell Phone: 563-590-9856
  6. 6


    Everything will run smoothly with our procedures and processes. I don't foresee Jim needing to get involved on the daily activities.

    Jim will help with anything major.
    • Super Duper upset customers
    • Major disasters. Fire, Floods and critical human resource issues.
    • Major discounts on orders. $1,000 or more. 
    • Payroll issues that deal with paychecks.  
    • Attend Tom Rauen meeting.
    Tuesday Feb 11 - 11 am
    Tuesday Feb 18 - 11 am
    Wednesday Feb 26 - 11 am

    Tom's Cell Phone: 563-590-9856