How a CSR Directs Leads and Accounts

Everybody has their roles and responsibilities. We have a streamlined process how we will work together with leads and customers.

Stay in Your Lane

  1. 1

    CSR Answers Phone or Greets Customer

    Incoming Phone Call
    • Thank you for calling Northwest Custom Apparel, this is "your name" how can I help you?

    • Get out of your desk and greet the customer. 
    • Hi, I am your name how can I help you.

    The customer may go right into what they are looking for without taking a breath of air. This is where you need to slow them down and gather their info and direct them to the proper sales rep.

    Customer Service Super Heroes

  2. 2

    Who are you speaking to?

    Determine who you are speaking to
    • Are you a current customer?
    • Basic Info: Ask for their company name, full name, email, phone and address
    • Current Customer: Look them up in Shopworks.
  3. 3

    What is the customer looking for?

    Use these questions to gather info for the sales rep. Write the information down on a lead sheet.  Make it clear that you are a CSR and a sales rep will be helping you.

    • What have you used in the past?
    • What are you using the shirts for?
    • How many shirts are you needing?
    • Do you have a budget?
    • When do you need the shirts?
    • Do you have a logo?
  4. 4

    Current Customer

    • Give the customer to the rep that is assigned in Shopworks.

    House Account or Old Sales Rep 
    • Give to the Lead CSR (Nika)
    • Management will then determine the future assignment of the account: 
      • Sales Rep or House Account
  5. 5

    New Customer

    1. Gather all their information
    2. Get a sales rep if available. 
    3. No Sales rep available: Get Lead CSR (Nika)
    4. Nobody available: "Sunset Law" Sales Rep will contact them by the end of the day. 
  6. 6

    What happens when you leave your lane

    1. Confusion between sales reps.
    2. Customer doesn't know who is helping them.
    3. Chaotic customer service.