Creating New Artwork. Design # and Work Order #

The purpose of this policy is to capture all art charges and design numbers in Shopworks. If we don't do this we can't bill the customer and artwork becomes disorganized.  
Which also means: Sales Reps can't scribble art notes on cocktail napkins and toss them on the artist's desk. 
  • New artwork needs a design number and a work order # before the artist will start drawing. 
  • Use the order Type ART if it doesn't have a shirt order ready.
  • The shopworks line item is Art.
  • Every piece of artwork must have a cost to it. Bill at $60.00 per hour
  • After the artwork is completed the artist will give you the total job time. This must be put on the invoice as a line item. Bill at $60.00 per hour.
  • Once the customer places the order, convert the ART order to the new order type.
  • If the art is for FREE we will use a discount on the line item of the work order. DON"T delete the charge. We want the customer to know they are getting it for FREE.
  1. 1

    CSR Creates an Order in Shopworks

    • CSR creates an order in shopworks.
      • Use the order type ART if the garments haven't been selected or it is Spec artwork.
      • Outside sales reps must go through the CSR.
      • The artist will not start any art job without a work order or 
  2. 2

    CSR fills out art form

    • CSR to fill out the art form.
    • Include design # and work order number
  3. 3

    Artist receives art form

    • Artist receives submitted art form.
    • The artist can now start drawing. 
  4. 4

    Artist completes art job

    • Artist completes the job and lets the CSR know the time spent on the  job.
    • CSR updates the invoice with the art charges ($60.00 per hour)