Buddy Program, CSR Training

New hires don’t want to go it alone. Buddying up with a seasoned employee, new hires gain insight to inside information and receive the encouragement they need to get comfortable in a new workplace.
The role of the buddy is different than a mentor, manager or coach. This relationship is for less formal, with its core purpose being encouragement and friendship.
Buddies are not responsible for the new hire’s employee development, goal setting and formal training. These responsibilities are for the manager. General office related questions are directed towards the buddy, so the manager-employee time is saved for more important matters.
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    CSR Job Training

    1. CSR's Job Duty Sheet.
    2. Job Shadow in Factory: 1 week:
      1. Embroidery, DTG, Shipping Receiving, Steve Artwork, Visit L&P/Gaylen.
    3. Shopworks Training
      1. Shopworks Videos
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    1. Microsoft Office
    2. Shopworks
    3. Adobe PDF
    4. Using Avachato to text customers for order pickup