Customer Complaint Procedure

  1. 1

    Listen to the Customer

    • Listen carefully to what the customer has to say and let them FINISH
    • Don't get defensive
    • The customer is not attacking you personally
    • Ask questions in a caring and concerned manner
    • Put yourself in their shoes
  2. 2

    Apologize without blaming

    • If customers sense you are sincere, it usually diffuses the situation.
    • Don't blame another person or department.
    • Just say, "I'm sorry about that"
  3. 3

    Ask customer, "What would be an acceptable solution to you"

    • Propose one or more solutions to the customer to alleviate the pain.
    • Tell the customer you will bring these solutions to the Owner.
  4. 4

    Discuss complaint with Owner

    1. Discuss the issue with the owner before making a final decision
  5. 5

    Owner makes final decision

    1. Owner determines a final resolution to the problem.
  6. 6

    Solution Sent to the Fix It Team

    • The fix it team consists of 3 people that will micromanage the upset customers reorder. 
    • The three people are
      • Sales Rep working with the customer
      • Production Manager
      • Purchasing agent
    • There is a separate policy regarding the Fix It Team