Testimonials by customers. How to get them

Testimonials for marketing
Testimonials are marketing techniques which are often overlooked. These are marketing items which cost next to nothing. In fact testimonials are free and incredibly effective.
The best kind of testimonials come from customers like
Barney Wagner
Arrow Lumber
Buckley, Wa.
The worse testimonial is like this
Testimonials can be used in a variety of great ways. All are inexpensive. One way is to include them in your monthly mailings to customers.
Another way is to include in a ad in the local newspaper. This is very effective if your testimonials are from pillars of the community.
Another good way is to publish the testimonial in a company brochure. Company brochures are a really helpful pieces for your sales team to pass out.
At Northwest Custom Apparel we have the testimonials framed and on our wall. We even take a picture of our customer and hang it where everyone can see. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and seen all the pictures of notable people who have eaten there. Its really fun when you can identify with someone whose picture is on the wall.
When a prospect sees one of your testimonials it builds a sense of confidence in helping them make a decision to use your company and your product. They become less worried about making a mistake when changing to a new vendor.
Tell your customer that you will feature them in your website or in your social marketing. This is really one of the new ways to promote your company. It is important that you incorporate your customers in all your social media advertising.
We are just beginning to use face book and find it is very powerful for social media.
Three ways to get a testimonial are
  • Hope you get some (not to effective)
  • Ask the customer to provide one. Very easy to do
  • A satisfied customer will offer one with no encouragement from you.
These are just a few tips. I encourage you to think testimonial.