Embroidery Order Flow Pre-2013

Order flow embroidery order
Written by Jim 2013

All orders consist of two parts. The product we are selling and the logo which is applied to the product.
We have two types of orders
• Repeat order
• New order
The easiest order to process is the repeat order.
Information needed to process an order should be accessible from the last order.
Verify all customer data is correct
• Name and phone number of person placing the order
• Correct shipping address
• Credit card information
• E-mail of person ordering
• Does this customer require a prepayment
• Obtain a copy of the customer purchase order.
Due date is important. Is this a rush or a normal order. Always allow two weeks to process the order. This includes purchasing the product, selecting the correct run card, receiving the product, decorating the product and shipping.
Product: We try and use two main vendors San Mar and Tri-Mountain. If a customer asks for an item we don’t normally carry don’t make any promises. Our relationships with San Mar and Tri-Mountain are strong and we can depend on them. We cannot depend on vendors we don’t do regular business with.
We have price lists prepared for San Man and Tri Mountain which makes the selling effort much easier.
Rush orders are important from the customers point of view. Before committing to a rush make sure our factory can do the order. Always check with Mongkon our plant manager.
Run Card. This is the card which contains all the information to run an order correctly. It contains the thread colors for each garment color, logo placement, and production notes. These cards are filed in the main factory in cabinets marked run cards. Please review run card every time you write a repeat or a new order. Always review thread colors.
It is the responsibility of the person writing the order to ensure that the run card it correct.
New Orders require a lot of set up to make sure we get the design and the garments correct on the first go around.
Art work
Some logos cannot be embroidered and we have to recognize this before starting the order. Logos with a lot of detail are difficult to embroider and must be explained to our customer before we start the order process. If you have any questions please discuss with the art department or the production department. Do not wait until the due date to start the art process. It must be started immediately
If the design can be drawn with a Sharpie pen chances are we can embroider it. All letters must be at least ¼ inch to be embroidered. Less than ¼ inch we can try but no guarantee. The height of the letter is determined by the smallest letter in the design.
All designs must have a design number. These numbers are automatically assigned when a new order is written. We store our design numbers in the embroidery data base under Shopworks orders.
Delivery dates start after approval of order and art work.
Our thread supplier is Robison-Anton. We have thread cards to use when choosing colors for the design we are going to embroider. We cannot match all design colors to our thread charts. It is necessary to review thread colors with the customer to ensure we get as close as possible to customer art colors. All thread charts are highlighted with the colors we have in inventory.
We use a 40 weight thread which allows us to achieve very good detail.
Embroidery art work.
Art work must be clean and clear. Customers have a tendency to think that we can embroider anything. If it can be drawn with, a sharpie pen we can embroider it. Check for small details and then think about the shank of a needle which has to make the stitch from customer art work. If the needle shank is wider than the customer art detail we cannot embroider it.
Sample approvals for new art
We always have to get customer approval of all art before starting the order. If you have any questions with samples ask Ruth who is responsible for coordinating our samples with our digitizing department. Our digitizer is located in China. Our manager’s name is Eva. You can contact her via e-mail eva@northwestembroidery.com
Our policy is that we will provide a stitch out to our customer to make sure everything is correct before starting the order. Customer has to review sample and approve before we can start the order.
Ordering garments: all orders must be given to Erik’s admin assistant. The orders must be complete and ready for processing. Your garments will be ordered and any shortages or problems will be brought to the sales rep attention. Sales reps are encouraged to check inventory with our suppliers if there are any concerns about availability of product. Each supplier has a website for inventory availability.
Ad Specialty orders are the responsibility of the sales rep to provide all information, art work, and job description so we can place the order. This is a new area we are getting into and if we learn it, it can be quite rewarding.
Specialty orders:
• Embroidering on customer garments
• Custom design and manufactured apparel or caps.
• Custom emblems
• Embroidered appliques
• Uniform lettering
• Custom sewing
• Applique embroidery
• Custom screen-printing
All of the above each sales rep should be familiar with before accepting the order.
Digital and screen printing
We do not physically screen print at Northwest. We use a subcontractor to do our printing. Screen print order processing is similar to embroidery processing. We need good art work and garments which can be screened. Generally tees and fleece wear.
Be careful when committing to a customer about design placement on screen orders and minimum quantities.
Every color in a screen order is chargeable. All orders on dark garments are two color charges. We have to print a white base plate on dark garments before we can add colors to the design.
One disadvantage in contracting our screen printing is that we cannot control the delivery dates.
Digital Printing is new and different but there is a big future for it. Right now we can only print on apparel which is 100% cotton. The big advantage is there are no up charge for colors and no extra screen charges. In processing this type of order make sure the garment is cotton and the design is a 300 dpi jpg for our art department.
This order is best sold for orders which have multiple colors and are small quantities. Also, we can control delivery.