Checklist Printing DTG Shirts

  1. 1

    Print the Work Order from Shopworks

    • Print Work Order
    • Verify the printed mock up matches the thumbnail in shopworks and the RIPPED file on the Kornit (3 checks have to match)
    • Put order into a plastic work order jacket
  2. 2

    Start Printing

    • Start the Order
    • Verify the Print on the Shirt Matches
      1. Printed Mock Up
      2. Thumbnail in Shopworks
      3. Ripped File
      4. First shirt off the belt bring to artist for approval. (the order should continue printing)
        • If artist is not here: Bring to Sales Rep
        • If nobody can approve: DON'T PRINT!
        • When your come to work early or on the weekends when nobody is here.
          • The order must be sampled and approved. Plan your samples ahead of time. 
      5. Continue you to the next order.

  3. 3


    • We will have a person to fold shirts (NOT the DTG Operator)
    • Who can fold?
      1. The Extra Print Operator  
      2. Call production supervisor
      3. TRIMMER
      4. Receiving Clerk
      5. Purchasing
    • Use NW Custom Boxes (Do not use for Contract Orders)
  4. 4

    After Order is Completed

    1. The folder will mark in Shopworks Produced 
      1. Green Light if 100% correct
      2. Yellow light if partial
      3. Enter the actual quantities printed. 
    2. Folder Pushes Cart to Receiving Department (not the printer operator. the machine needs to keep going)
    3. Notify the shipping clerk the order is completed. 
    4. The shipping clerk will either ship or place into customer pickup. 
    5. Shipping clerk will mark SHIPPED in Shopworks.
  5. 5