Garment Waiver: Customer Supplied Garments DTG

Please remember when we work with a contract customer, we can only print on garments we know will print correctly. We prefer the PC61 100% cotton t-shirt.

We are having issues of contract customers coming in and bringing us off brand garments which causes huge issues in production.
We will NOT accept these garments without them signing the attached waiver.

Along with the Waiver they must pay a $100.00 sampling fee for us to dial in the correct settings for the garment.This $100.00 will NOT be refunded if we deem the garments unprintable.

Along with the $100.00 the customer must provide us at least 6 test garments. Note these garments could be ruined while testing and we will not replace them.

Please see the waiver for further info.
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    Garment Waiver Attached

    Please download the PDF of the garment waiver. 
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