Outside Sales Order Processing

Company Growth:
Outside sales reps are the face of the company and will help us grow to a 3 million dollar company by 2021.

Outside sales reps must deliver complete and accurate orders to the CSR for processing.
  • The CSR's are the Queen Bees of the company and will protect the hive.
    • Accurate orders for production

Below are the steps an outside sales rep must complete before an order is processed.
  1. 1

    Sales Rep Receives an Order from the customer

    Questions to ask the customer before completing the order

    1. How many shirts are you needing and when?
    2. What are you using the shirts for?
    3. Do you have a budget?
    4. Do you have vector or high-resolution artwork?
      1. Could you email me your artwork?
      2. Size and location for embroidery and DTG?
      3. How many ink colors for screen-printing?

    Additional Qualifying Questions:
    1. Where was your last embroidery/printing company falling short?
      1. How can I improve this experience?
    2. What are your typical order quantities and frequency?
      1. You want to get an idea of what type of account you are dealing with and how far we are willing to go to secure this account.

    • Sales Rep must get all the information needed to process the order. Link to our full  Order Entry Checklist
    Form Fields
  2. 2

    Complete the Order Form

    Use the printed order form. White copy goes to CSR and sales rep files yellow copy.

    Notes: check inventory with vendor before submitting order to the CSR. If item is out of stock, contact customer and make necessary changes before handing off to CSR.

    Form Fields
  3. 3


  4. 4

    Give completed package to CSR

    • Order Form
    • Artwork Info
    • Customer special requests
    • Forward emails from customer to CSR if needed. 
  5. 5

    CSR to process order

    • CSR to prepare quote
    • CSR will price the order
    • Mockup
    • Take payment from customer
  6. 6

    CSR sends approvals to customer

    • Art Approval
    • Order Approval
  7. 7

    Follow up on order approvals

    • CSR to follow-up
    • If CSR can't get an approval, sales rep needs to go get it. 
  8. 8

    Order is approved

    • CSR sends to purchasing
    • CSR notifi
  9. 9

    Order is produced

    • Order is produced