Corporate Webstores Uses and Selling Tips

Corporate Webstores
Stores are perfect for the Human Resource Manager that doesn’t have enough time in the day to put together an employee apparel program.
  • Employees can select pre-approved products.
  • Order products on demand instead of carrying stock.
  • No more spreadsheets trying to keep track of employee’s orders.
  • No more collecting money or payroll deductions.
  • Orders are bagged with the employee's name and order.
  • Easy to distribute to employees.
Uses of the Store
  • New Hire Packs
    1. Send your new hire to the store to get their company gear.  Most packs consist of 5 shirts and 1 jacket.
  • Pre-paid Gift Cards
    1. Pre-paid gift cards to tell your employee “thanks” for a job well done. You can purchase gift cards that will allow your employees to use for merchandise on the site. I.e. Tell us your budget and how much you want to spend on each employee. We will distribute the gift card codes accordingly
  • Holidays/Events
    1. Christmas Ugly Sweaters with your company’s logo.
    2. Apparel for holiday gifts.
  • The simpler the store is, the easier it is for employees to purchase.
  • We recommend 1 logo (embroidered or DTG) and 4-6 garment styles. (1-3 garment colors per style. Keep in mind your logo colors and what it will look like on certain colors and styles. To eliminate production and sorting issues, your logo color, size and location on garment must be kept the same for all the items in the store.
  • Store Setup Time: please allow 5-7 business days to setup your store depending on the complexity.
Open/Close vs. On-Demand Stores
  • Open/Close: The store is opened for two weeks to receive orders. The store then closes for production which generally runs 2 weeks.   Once the initial order is delivered, we can open the store for another 1-2 weeks to collect additional orders.   The pricing is based on an estimate of how many pieces the store will sell. Each item has a $2.00 surcharge which covers processing and handling. We can bill Net 10 with one company check to pay for all the orders. Credit Application must be on file with us.
  • On-Demand: The store is kept open year-round and you can order 1 item at a time. The items for on-demand will be limited to Port Authority product only.  There is a $10.00 per piece surcharge for each item placed.  Please ask your rep for details and pricing.  All orders must be paid online via credit card. No net-terms.