Answer Phone Tips for New CSR

Answering Phone Calls
Types of incoming calls
  1. Sales
    1. Customer is ready to place an order
    2. Questions on placing an order
    3. Leads inquiring information
    4. General sales questions
  2. Order Status
    1. When will the order be completed? Please look in Shopworks for status. If something doesn’t look correct, please refer to the sales rep.
  3. Paying an invoice
    1. Run credit card.
  4. General Questions
    1. Office hours
    2. Directions
    3. Filter sales calls. Digitizers, magazine subscriptions. They want to sell us something.
Answering the phone:
Thank you for calling Northwest Custom Apparel, this is ____, how can I help you?
Sales Call: Get to a sales rep immediately.
  1. Please do not give out pricing on the phone. Sales reps give the pricing.
  2. Do not refer to James. Please let the sales rep make that decision. There are chances we can upsell the customer.
If a sales rep is busy the standard line is 
Name of rep is working with a customer. I am going to take all your information and have them get back to you by the end of the day” 
Fill out the contact form with all their information and give to the rep.
“You can also contact them by email. Here is their email address”
Mosquito Customers
“Small order size customers that continually call over and over with questions until they suck all the blood out of you”
  1. The sales rep will get back to them by the end of the day. Don’t be alarmed if they keep calling back.
  2. Sales reps are busy during the day and don’t have time to work with Mosquito Customers at a moments notice. These calls aren’t emergencies, but the customer will act like they are. Just relax on the phone and keep your composure and smile J