Production Department Expectations

  • Quality embroidery
    1. Reading work orders
    2. Quality control. If design doesn’t look right, stop and notify supervisor.
  • Productivity
    1. Quantity embroidered daily
    2. Production log
  • Basics
    1. Attendance
    2. Attitude
    3. Team player
    4. Asks Questions: No question is a stupid question.
Ship Date:
  • Scheduling: work backwards from the ship date to determine when to start production.
  • Rush Orders: All rush orders must be cleared by Ruth. DTG printing we can’t change due dates due to limited capacity of the printers. We can only print 25 per hour.
  • Rush: anything less than a week. Mark RUSH on PO from vendor.
Problem: Counting shirts
  • Shirts are counted at the press prior to running the job, as nobody has the time to do it when UPS drops them off. If the counts are off, it creates complete chaos. Nobody knows what to do. When you inform your customer that the order has a problem, their response is “You’ve had those shirts for two weeks!”
  • Shirts are counted the same day they are received by a team and checked against orders in the system. These are staged in an appropriate area and arranged in rows by the last digit of the order number for easy location by production scheduling crews.
Staging Orders
  • Orders are staged by the machines by due dates.
  • Only approved orders will be staged.
  • Orders will be counted before staged. Operators do not count shirts.
No Stopping during Runs
  • Poor running designs. Thread breaks, registration, edits.
  • Machine issues
  • Solution: move the design to a different machine.
Production Scheduling
  • Rush, Late, Current, Tomorrow
  • Reviewing order types
    1. Multi-locations
    2. Multi colored threads
  • Shirts not being counted and finding incorrect shirts at the machine.
  • Thread Colors:
    1. Colorways for ALL thread colors aren’t complete
  • Shirts arriving on the same day that is due. Purchasing agent needs to notify the sales rep and Ruth. i.e. Sanmar goods coming from Seattle and Florida. Florida is a 7 day ship.
  • No Shipping instructions: *no directions ends up in CPU*
  • DTG: Operator counting garments, scheduling, folding and boxing.
  • DTG  Samples: Let Ruth put in between runs.
  • Communicate with Randy on RIP Files on the printer.
Production Logs in Shopworks
  • Teach operators production logs in Shopworks
Sarann Job Description:
  • Make sure everybody at work station
  • Monday: after cleaning have your run completed 9am
  • Tuesday- Friday first run completed by 8:30.
  • First person that completes their run in the morning gets $5.00.
  • Post on wipe board daily.
Quality control
  • Reviews thread colors, placements, garments and work orders with the operator.
  • Operator productivity: How many pieces per day.
  • Works with office staff. Questions on orders.
  • Production Logs: Look at them and determine what operator is doing the best. Then we can give a raise to an operator.
Runs Machine:
  • Caps and Flats
  • Merrow
  • Heat Seal
  • Sew patches and hand cut
Minor Repairs
  • Trimmers are open from bird’s nest
  • Fix garments, picking and redoing.
  • Download design and put on server.
  • Fedex,, UPS
  • Drive company truck to Fed Ex if needed
            Sarann drives truck Fife Costco. Monthly or when needed.
            Thread, Pellon, Bobbins
            Cleaning, something special, drain air compressor (both)
Jeff: Wednesday
  • Keep him from wandering and disrupting other employees.
Production Schedule in Shopworks: Work with Sarann
Sarann schedule DTG orders
Ipad Photos: