Old Filing Systems before 2008

Art Approvals: Keep in the art approval file until it is no longer necessary to keep proof of a customer approval.
Artwork: Original artwork should be filed in the customer file.
Bills of lading: Bills of lading for all shipments must be kept in the shipping department files. We need these records to trace any outbound shipments and to comply with the Department of Revenue requirements to prove out of state shipments. Carolin has set up a bill of lading file system.
Cancelled checks: are filed in the accounting office by month the check was written.
Catalogues for mailout: extra catalogues are next to the four head embroidery machine in the warehouse.
Catalogues: Catalogues are filed in our general catalogue filing cabinets and also in the salesmen’s catalogue filing cabinets. We also have vendor catalogues located in the file cabinet on the outside wall next to Janes’ office.
Charge Card Receipts: The original receipts are kept in the sales office in a white Credit Card Receipts binder. Credit card deposits are processed daily.
Cleaning supplies are in the cabinet next to the sample machine.
Contract Customers run cards: We have a special file for customers who have multiple run cards on files. These run cards are located in the large customer file cabinets. These will eventually be phased out with our new computer filing system.
Credit Applications: These are kept in the accounting office and should be completed for all customers.
Customer Files: Customer files are located in the warehouse and next to Kai’s  office. These files contain old run cards, correspondence, and general information. We are slowly reducing these files and starting to store more data in our computer system. If you have a problem finding a customer file check with the sales rep responsible for the account, sometime they keep the customer records in their office.
Customer Mail List: This is maintained in the My Mail Manager file. It should be updated as customer advises us of contact changes.
Deposits: are filed in the Accounting Office. A copy of the daily deposit with a photocopy of all customer checks is on file.
Design  3 ½ inch Diskettes are kept upstairs in the Digitizing Dept.
Design drawings are located in the digitizing department.
Design numbering system
LetterYearTypeDesign Numbers
R1996Hard DriveR1001-R9999
M2000Hard DriveM1001-M9999
P2004Hard DriveP191-
Designs are organized in the hard drive by directory. The hard drive is organized as follows:
Designs beginning with the prefix 01-06 are in the “I” drive
Designs beginning with the prefix 07-12 are found in the “K” drive
Designs beginning with M,T,P,R,W, are in their respective hard drive directories.
Employee files are kept in Jim’s office.
Employee Manual: Each employee is issued a manual. Copies of the manual are kept on the hard drive with the file name emp2000.doc.
Employee records: These records are confidential and are kept in Jim’s office.
Finding a customer design. The first place to look is in our Access database. We have several files in this database.  Mega file for very old orders. M file: for new orders starting in the year 2000. W file for orders 1995 to 1998. These files are very easy to use. We can lookup by Customer name, design name, or design number.
Group Health forms: These should be kept on file in the accounting office and available to any employee wanting to sign up for Group Health.
Husky/Cougar run cards are kept in the Retail run card file cabinet.
Invoices: Invoices are filed by order number in the invoice file cabinets. Attached to each invoice/workorder should be any pertinent information concerning the order. (Production, trim, shortage information)
Labor & Industry Claims: These are kept in Jim’s general filing cabinet.
Leads: All leads are entered into the marketing data base in Shopworkx. This file should be updated daily as new leads are processed.
M design run cards are kept in the file cabinets in the mailroom.
Office supplies are stored in the mailroom.
Old artwork: These are the original embroidery drawings prior to our new computer systems. These are filed by order number and are upstairs behind the digitizing department.
Orders in progress: Use shopworks to check on status. If there is any doubt or customer concern call the plant and ask Ruth or Mongkon for an updated status.
Payroll records are kept in Jim’s office.
Post Office Records: are kept in the accounting department. We should keep these on file for 5 years to satisfy Department of Revenue record keeping requirements.
Price lists: are kept in the price list files.
Purchase orders: A hard copy is kept in the purchasing department. All purchase orders are in the shopworks system.
R design cards (retail designs) are kept in the R file cabinet in the mailroom.
Receiving reports: This information is stored in the receiving/shipping file cabinets and is kept for a period of one year. See Carolin if you have any questions.
Restroom Supplies are kept in each restroom. Please advise Mongkon if any supplies are running low.
Retail run cards: All retail run cards have an R designator followed by a 4-digit number. These are kept in the retail run card cabinets. Old retail numbers have W designator and are kept in the W retail file cabinet.
Return to vendor forms: These are kept in the purchasing department. Carolin also keeps a record of all items returned to vendor.
Run Cards Hard to find: Check with the sales rep responsible for servicing the account. Generally they keep a personal file of the run cards. Also, check with Mongkon, the plant keeps a file for run cards waiting to be filed after the order is complete.
Run Cards: Run cards are filed by run card number.   The numbering system is somewhat confusing for new employees. We started our system in 1979 before computers were available. Our first system was (alpha numeric) the first 2 digits represented the month, the center letter was for the year, the last three numbers were the work order for that month. When we converted to our first computer system we didn’t have enough memory and had to divide our designs by the first six months in the I directory and the last 6 months in the K directory. We now have memory and all designs in the W file and M file are complete.
Sales Field orders: These are filed in the main office after the order has been written and processed.
Sales tax exemption certificates: These are stored in the accounting office and are filed by renewal date. Certificates must be updated every four years.
Sales tax returns are in Jim’s file cabinet.
Screenprint Art Work: These are stored by screen art number. Artwork for each screenprint order is assigned a control number starting with S1000. This number is obtained from the Access database and must be assigned to each new order. The information is kept in the screenprint file cabinet.
Shipping Documents: Post office documents in Accounting Dept., UPS the tracking number is attached to the work order, Air bills, truck companies are on file in the shipping department. We can not access all shipment through our new UPS shipping system.
T design run cards are kept in the file cabinets in the mailroom.
Taiwan Emblems: We are starting a new file system for all orders done offshore. These are filed by the control number. The control number designator is C1000 and up. The control number is obtained from the Access database.
Thread is stored in the factory by color. It is listed in shopworks by color and thread number. We use Robinson Anton thread in our factory.
Unemployment Claims: These are kept with the employee records.
Vendor Invoices: These are filed by check number in the accounting office. To find a specific invoice you should get the specific check number from the Shopworks data management system. All invoices can be cross-referenced to a sales order and purchase order.
W design run cards are kept in the file cabinets in the mail room.