Table Touch ( order in process check-in calls)

- CSR to check-in with customers to let them know their order status that is currently in production.

Situations to Call
- New Customers
- Drop Dead Dates
-Specialty orders (difficult orders)
- Orders that are personal and meaningful to the customer. 
  1. 1

    Select Find from the Sales Screen

  2. 2

    Search Ship Dates

    If you put 3 dots ...  you can search between different dates: 
  3. 3

    Select Date Tab

    The Date Tab will give you the ship dates. You can select the other tabs that for additional info. Play around with this and find the tab that you like.
  4. 4

    Sort Companies, Dates, Order ID...

    You can sort the information by the Blue Triangle at the top of the page

  5. 5

    Verify with Ruth Orders are on schedule

    Walk up to the factory and verify the orders are on schedule before calling. If they are late you also need to inform the customer. 
  6. 6

    Call Customer and Give Status

    Call the customer and give them the status update. Mark in Shopworks: NOTES ON ORDER. Table Check In Call with (customer name).