Rush Order Procedure

-  Orders that need to be completed in less than 10 business days are RUSH orders.
-  ALL Rush orders must be approved by the production manager before accepting the RUSH.
-  If the production manager isn't available the Operations Manager or Owner can approve it.
-  Rush orders are 25% of the total order.  The Owner or Operations Manager are the only ones that can waive rush fees.
  1. 1

    Sales Rep Sends Order to Purchasing

    1. Sales rep fills out the standard purchasing Wufoo form.
  2. 2

    Purchasing Order Blanks and Notify Receiving Dept.

    1.  Purchasing dept. must have the blank goods ship from the warehouse the same day. Be aware of the vendor's shipping cut off times. 
    2. Purchasing needs to email the sales rep, production manager and receiving clerk the PO# and expected date the goods will be delivered. 
    3. Print the work order and mark RUSH in bold letters. Give the work order to the receiving department. 
      1. Please include the PO from the vendor.
    4. The receiving dept. will count the RUSH order first when it arrives.
  3. 3

    Receiving Clerk Counts Garments

    1. Once the rush order arrives, the receiving clerk will count and verify garments
    2. Our standard box label will be placed on the front of the box.
    3. Write RUSH in red felt tip pen on the front of the label.
    4. Walk the box over and personally deliver it to the production manager. 
    5. Tell the production manager this is a RUSH.
    6. Receiving Clerk will email the sales rep to let them know the RUSH has been counted and is in production.
  4. 4


    1. The production manager will have a production slot ready for the RUSH order.
    2. The RUSH order will be placed at the head of the production line. 
  5. 5

    Verify Logo and Colors

    1. Production manager must verify logo and colors. We have had instances where wrong logos and colors were used. 
  6. 6

    Shipping Rush Order

    1. Shipping Clerk should verify shipping address with sales rep. Sometimes the sales rep forgets to  put a shipping address on the order. 
    2. In hands date. Calculate the time in transit and change the shipping method if necessary. You may have to change to Next Day Air. 
    3. Verify that Fed Ex or the customer picked up the order.  If it is a customer pickup, the shipping clerk needs to call the customer for pickup.  Fed Ex 2 pm and UPS 3  pm.
    4. Email tracking numbers to the customer and sales rep. 
  7. 7

    Shipping Reminders

    • The shipping method has to be in Shopworks.
    • Check to see if it is a business or residence on the shipping address. Ask the customer if possible. Residence gets delayed.
    • If shipping, think about the time in transit and the best method to ship. Next Day Air, 2nd Day etc.
    • Be aware of holidays or bad weather.
    • Rural areas, remote areas delay.
    • Let Kelsey know before 2 pm. Kelsey needs to call to make arrangements for Next Day Air pickup for Fed Ex.
    • We can always drive to Fed Ex in Fife if it is a super rush.
    • Make sure to email tracking numbers to customer/ sales rep