Checklist Staging DTG Orders

Updated August 17th 2021
  1. 1

    Receiving Clerk Counts Garments from Vendor

    • Size, Style, Color etc. 
  2. 2

    Boxes moved to Ruth Holding Area

    • Ruth verifies artwork is correct with Steve or Sales Rep
    • Schedules Production based on due dates. 
    • Thumbnail is in Shopworks. The production light is GREEN
    • Steve to print color mockup
    • Verify that the designs are ripped for all sizes and shirt colors. 
    • The mock up will be placed on top of the staged shirts in a plastic work order jacket.
    • The work order will be printed by the operator when ready to print. (changes to orders occur all the time)
  3. 3

    Receiving clerk pushes boxes to DTG building

    • The receiving clerk brings the boxes to the DTG staging area. 
      • Printed Work Order
      • Purchase Order paperwork from vendor
  4. 4

    Schedule Due Dates

    1. Rush Orders
    2. Replacements
    3. Back Orders
    4. Web Stores
    5. Samples
    6. Regular Orders by due dates
    How to Organize on the Shelf
    • Closest to machine (right side of shelf) Highest importance
  5. 5

    Unpack Shirts when ready to print

    • Receiving Clerk to remove shirts from box and count.
    • Stage the shirts on the rolling cart
      • Smallest size on bottom and largest on top
      • The shirts will stay on the rolling cart.
  6. 6

    DTG Operator to Verify Design with Artist

    • Show first print off belt to Steve
    • Steve isn't here show the sales rep
    • Neither are here, DON'T print unless authorized by Ruthie
  7. 7

    Print Shirts

    • Verify quality of print at end of the dryer every 12 shirts.
  8. 8

    Pack and Quality Control

    • Verify print quality
    • Correct logos.
  9. 9

    Ship Shirts

    Ship Shirts
  10. 10