Manage Orders Setting Up a Customer

Manage Order Setup

We want to get customers set-up so they can log into our
How to setup customers
  • Customer Tab
  • Web & Email Tab
  • Give this Customer Manage Orders Access
    1. Email: email used on the last order placed
    2. PW: 1234   (all customers receive the same password)
It takes roughly one hour for the password to update to the web.
You can test the customer’s password at
Send the customer a stock email with User Name and Password
  • In customer tab, go to the Activity Tab
  • Add an Activity
  • Activity Type: Drop down Menu: select Email
  • Select Stock Email: ManOrders
  • Select Send-Email  (just like you do with order approvals.)
  • Record in Salesforce (Linkpoint). When you send make sure you use the Linkpoint and the customer is in