Credit Card Machine Procedure

  1. 1

    Get Customer Invoice Total

    • Print invoice from Shopworks.
  2. 2

    Follow prompts on credit card machine

    • Ask for the customer's credit card. We get cheaper rates if you run their physical card rather than just typing in the credit card numbers.
    • follow the prompts on the screen
    • there is a credit card help manual next to the machine.
  3. 3

    Have Customer Sign Receipt

    • Have the customer sign the receipt.
    • Customer gets a copy of their receipt.
    • Staple the receipt to the invoice
    • Give to the Customer
  4. 4

    Put our Receipt in Green Bank Bag

    • Write on the receipt the order # and customer name. This will allow accounting to apply payment to the customer's account.
    • Place the receipt in the green bank bag
    • The bookkeeper will apply payment the following day after the machine batches out at night.