How to process a DTG order

  1. 1

    Most important is to review the order to see if it is possible for us to do.

    • Art being the most important
    • Some people send files from the internet which cannot be used. This is where a customer has found a design on the internet and asks us to print it. When the design is enlarged the art work becomes pixilated.
    • We cannot accept art made in Microsoft word or Power Point.
  2. 2

    Artwork requirements

    • We require art to be at least 300dpi for a jpg.
    • Art made by Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw is most preferable.
    • Photoshop art is also acceptable.
  3. 3

    Acceptable apparel

    • 100% cotton tee shirts are the best for DTG printing.
    • Please review the San Mar website for 100% cotton garments.
    • San Mar has 170 garments which are 100% cotton.
    • After determining art work is OK for us to work with we can proceed to selecting  a garment style.  
  4. 4

    Show customer samples explain the benefits of DTG printing

    • DTG has a very soft hand.
    • DTG has unlimited colors for any size order
    • Small order size for re-orders
    • Fast delivery
    • It is eco friendly and meets all Consumer protection standards. DTG is safe for children.
    • No set up charges on re orders
  5. 5

    If the order is large we may have to consider screen printing

    • Large volume orders are more cost effective especially if customer is shopping price
    • The order can be printed on polyester or performance fabrics.
    • However have no real control over the production process if time is a factor
  6. 6

    Next step is to fill out the order form

    • Style, quantity, and colors.
    • Unit pricing
    • RIP (Raster image process) charges apply for first time orders. This is how the art department transfers the data from the art computer to the printer computer for so the design can be printer. This is a onetime charge and there will be no set up charges on the next re-order.
    • Art charges if customer wants us to clean up their art. ($60.00 per hour)
  7. 7

    New design art

    • If we have to develop a design from scratch the charge is $60.00 per hour.
    • If order is complete we can now start our internal process.
  8. 8

    Order approval

    We require all orders to be approved by the customer. It can be either a actual printed tee or a jpg design . Steve can also prepare a paper copy of the tee shirt.  A printed tee will take longer. We will do the sample  to make sure the order is correct.

    For rush orders we cannot do a actual sample. We will provide artwork which is a very good rendering of the design.

    • Use the art form in the computer to send the art to the art department. Steve will review it and if there are any questions he will kick back to the originator.
    • The work order is forwarded to our purchasing person who will order the goods.
    • Goods will be received they will be checked in and sent to the DTG department.

  9. 9

    Our internal process

    Two events will happen simultaneously
    • The art will be finished and ripped for printing
    • The goods will have been received and sent to the DTG department

    1. The DTG department will not print unless they have an order approval.
    2. After the printing is complete the order will go to the shipping department.
    3. The paper work will be sent to the accounting department for billing or credit card processing.
    4. We have two choices for shipping. Customer pick up or shipping via common carrier.
    5. When the order is complete the accounting department will notify the customer that the order has shipped or is ready for pick up.
    6. This completes the DTG order cycle.