Customer Supplied Garments Policy

  • Shirts must be new with tags on. We can't accept washed or worn garments.
  • The minimum order is 12 pieces. Less than 12 pieces, please get approval from the Owner or Operations Manager.
  • Verify with the production manager that they are suitable for embroidery.  Zippers and pockets make it difficult to embroider some items.
  • Explain to the customer our Customer Supplied Policy.
  1. 1

    Customer Supplied Garment Waiver

    • Tell the customer we can't be held responsible for any damage to their items in production. Things happen like needle holes, bad embroidery etc. 
    • Have the customer sign our Garment Waiver. 
    • Do not accept garments without the production manager verifying them. 
    • Download the Form below. It is also located on Sharepoint: Garment Drop Off Form with Liability form 2017
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  2. 2

    Digital Print Customer Supplied

    • We do not accept customer supplied garments for digital printing
    • We have garments we sell that are tested and approved for printing.
    • Note: ASI distributors can bring in pre-approved garments. This is our contract printing division Decosource.
    • WAIVER attached in PDF
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  3. 3

    Screen Print Customer Supplied

    • We do not accept customer supplied screen printed shirts. 
    • We subcontract our screen printing, so their is no margin just selling ink.
    • Note: In some instances we have done this for good customers. Please get approval from management. 
  4. 4

    Embroidery Customer Supplied

    • The minimum order is 12 garments. 
    • We charge $15.00 per left chest logo
      • Discounts: Quote over 48 units
    • We don't accept customer supplied baseball caps. 
    • Carhartt Jackets (cardboard heavyweight jackets, bags)
      • We double the price for embroidery. Very expensive. $20.00 -$25.00 for a left chest logo.