Covideo to Schedule Appointments

  1. 1

    Uses of Covideo

    • Factory employees saying “Thank you for your order”. Many customers have no clue what our factory looks like.
    • Order Reminders: Sales reps sending a reminder video to place an order. Look at all the customers that haven’t ordered in a month and send them reminder videos.
    • Appointment Scheduling: Create a video to get the customer to schedule an appointment on the phone. Once we get an appointment our closing rate gets to 75%.
  2. 2

    Structure of Videos

    • Write the customers name on the whiteboard. Hold the whiteboard at the beginning of the video. This creates a thumbnail that the customer will want to click on.
    • Upbeat video with smiles and waving. Mention the customers name and something thoughtful.
  3. 3

    Researching the customer

    • Nika and Michelle will help with customer research through social media and websites. They will report back to Erik and the sales rep their findings.
      1. Linkedin
      2. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
      3. Company Website.
  4. 4

    Creating the Video

    • We will mention some things in the video that shows we did our research on the company.
    • The goal is to get the customer to schedule an appointment with the rep.