Pre-Flight Artwork Policy

New artwork needs to be run through a pre-flight before accepting the order. Pre-flight allows the artist to review the customer's files and verify they are able to be printed or embroidered.

We have an acronym CPR: 
  • Consistent: Is the artwork consistent with artwork we normally use?
  • Predictable: Can you predict the outcome of this artwork. If you know it will not print or embroider with high quality, do not accept their artwork without modifications.
  • Repeatable: Can we use this artwork type on other orders and customers? If we have to always edit this type of artwork, this is not repeatable and we should not accept this artwork.
Guide the Customer
  • We are the Art Experts and we need to explain to the customer the different types of artwork. Most customers have no idea what is GOOD artwork. This will take extra time by the sales rep, but will avoid production and quality control issues. If you are unsure of the artwork, please talk to our artist for clarification.
  • "Let us give it a shot": If we know the artwork will produce subpar quality be upfront with the customer and explain to them the problems. 
    • i.e  If the logo has less than 1/4" lettering and we know it won't look good embroidered. Do not tell the customer "Let's run a sample and see how it looks". 
  • Explain the art charges first:  If we  need to clean up the artwork files, digitizing and run samples we need to charge for it. Please get a time estimate from Steve. We bill at $60.00 per hour for graphic artwork. *Artwork must be prepaid*