Marketing Channels

Marketing Recommendations
The company has a website which needs more traffic. The goal is to have at least 100 hits a day to acquire at least one new customer. This can be done by following the recommendations in this analysis.
Writing blogs
Recommend writing more blogs. The objective is to get a prospect to contact the company via e-mail, a live chat on the website or a phone call to the company. The goal is to be on the top of Google organic searches. This technique works and the company averages about two strong leads a day.
Blog topics are written about products the company sells. The blogs contain keywords related to the company’s product line. Some blogs are about Cutter & Buck, Direct to Garment printing, custom embroidered apparel or whatever. The key for the blogs is the frequency that they are created and posted.
Rev Transcription
Rev transcription is an internet program which allows a person to transcribe information to a website which records what was said. This is very helpful in writing blogs. Whatever was transcribed will come back in a Microsoft word document. All one has to do is edit and post the blog to the internet. This will increase the efficiency of writing blogs.
Email blasts
The company frequently does e-mail blasts to customers and prospects who have visited the website. The open rate is around 15% which does lead to sales.
Send out cards
This is a program that should be taken advantage of by all sales people. Every time a order is completed a thank you card should be sent. It is a fantastic and inexpensive way to tell your customers you appreciate their business.
Face book videos
Face book videos are very successful. The company has over 2,000 friends on the face book. The objective is to post a funny video and get all the friends to share the video on face book. Some videos have gotten over 30,000 views. This is a very effective way to get the brand in front of prospects or customers.  The company receives a lot of compliments from customers who enjoy watching them and think they are funny.
Telephone calls
The company employs a full time person to make stay in touch phone calls. The goal is to reach out to all customers who haven’t ordered. This is a position should be eliminated. The cost per contact with the existing person doesn’t generate enough revenue. The customer service reps should be making their own phone calls.
The company participates in fund raisers for anything from a burned firefighter to a family whose home was destroyed by fire. The feedback from this participation has made the company a strong member of the community.
Newspaper ads
The recommendation would be to advertise in the local newspaper. An ad featuring local companies with product from Northwest would prove to be a great tool to get name recognition. There is a very popular paper called the Signal for the Fife Milton area.
Direct mail
Direct mail to existing customers is controversial but the brand has to be in front of the customer. I would suggest once a bi monthly mail out. This is a good program to get some advertising dollars from your suppliers
Free product to larger customers
New product needs to get in front of the customer. The best way is to embroider the new sample and send it to the customer. This will be a pleasant surprise when received and will definitely generate more business. This investment in nominal and should be considered. Vendors will be more than willing to be a partner in this program.