How to make a printed emblem (Jim)

How to make a printed emblem.
This is to explain how we at Northwest Custom Apparel make printed emblems.
The first step in the process is to have all the materials necessary to manufacture a printed emblem.
The advantage of a printed emblem is that it can be made much quicker and offers more detail in the design and can accommodate small order sizes.
Tools necessary are:
  • Digital Printer (We use the Kornit Hexa)
  • Die Cutting Machine
  • Heat press
  • MG3U merrow machine
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Materials
  • A good solid twill fabric to print the design on. (Kona 17328)
  • Acceptable art in a eps or 300 dpi jpg format.
  • Heat seal material (5mm or thicker).
  • Fusible backing to make emblem firm for finishing (pellon 809)
  • Merrow thread with the correct color
The process is
Scan the art and adjust size to meet the emblem requirements
Load design into the digital printer
Print the design on a sheet of material. You should be able to print 24 emblems per sheet of material.
Apply fusible backing to sheet of emblems
Cut the emblems to size or use a die cutter with the correct size die.
The printed emblem now needs to be finished with an over lock border. This over locked border is achieved using a M3GU merrow machine. The Merrow machine was designed to apply a heavy stitched border to a emblem. This gives the emblem a real sharp finished look.
Last step is to apply the heat seal backing.
The finished emblem is now ready to be applied to a cap front using a cap heat press.