Embroidery Machine Operator Training

Basic training and skills for a new embroidery machine operator.
  1. 1

    Thread and the Embroidery Machine

    • Thread Sizes
      • 35/40 weights
    • Thread Color Chart
      • Robinson Anton
    • Upper Thread Tensions
      • Relationship to bobbin tension
    • Changing thread VIDEO below
    • Embroidery Knot for pull thread through the needle
  2. 2


    • Changing bobbins
    • Bobbin tensions
      • Adjustment screw
      • Cleaning dirt from bobbin thread path
  3. 3


    • Relationship between upper thread and bobbin tensions
    • Looping on top
    • Looping on bottom
    • Amount of bobbin thread showing on the bottom
    • What know to adjust and how they control the thread path.
  4. 4

    Changing Needles Video

    How to change a needle by Coldesi
  5. 5


    • Tear-away
    • Cut-away
    • Solvy

    How to apply backings
  6. 6


    How to Hoop Videos
    • How to hoop a left chest
    • How to hoop a cap front
    • how to hoop a sleeve
    • how to hoop a cap back
  7. 7


    • Sizes of needles
    • Needle numbering system
    • Changing needle on a machine
    • Parts of a needle: Shank, eye, scarf
  8. 8

    How a Stitch is Made

    Explain the hook and needle operation
  9. 9

    How timing works on a sewing machine

    A demonstration of how to check the timing on a straight stitch sewing machine with explanation of how a machine makes a stitch. Done in a single take, sorry about the couple of lost trains of thought. ;)
  10. 10

    Understand how an embroidery machine works

    • Relationship of hook to the needle
    • Oiling procedures for machine
    • Bobbin adjustments
    • Machine error codes
  11. 11

    Where to Oil and Grease an embroidery machine

  12. 12

    Understanding a work order

    • Thread Sequences
    • Items on a work order
    • Design number on a work order
    • Loading the design from the server to the embroidery machine