Art Charges

2014 Art Charges by Northwest Embroidery
Charges are based on use of artwork
2 Types of Artwork
  1. Original Concept
  2. Existing Cleanup
Original Concept: Any original logo or art concept that is done originally by the design department. The artwork stays at Northwest Embroidery
$60.00 per hour
$350.00: Exclusive rights for use of the artwork. Customer gets vectored artwork.
Existing Cleanup:   $60.00 per hour. Billed in 15 minute increments
  • Existing artwork that needs to be redrawn
Rough artwork
Website artwork               
Rip Fee per location: New Charges
$25.00 for Adult
$25.00 for Youth/Lady
Mixed Garment Color Rip Fee: $10.00 per artwork change.  (Some artwork may needed to be changed because of the color of the garment) We do require 12 shirts per color.
Sample Fee:
  • Preproduction Sample $10.00 (24 or more pieces you can request a sample)
    1. This will delay your turnaround.  Production Time starts after approval of sample.
    2. Sample will be on a Light or Dark Swatch of material. The sample stays at Northwest Embroidery.